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Community Foundation of The Endless Mountains

The RTC continues to apply for state, federal, and private funding. Most grants must be matched by cash and/or donated services and materials. Membership dollars and donation help to secure and match more grant funds for trail improvements. Please consider joining or contributing to the RT Council.

You may prefer to allocate your contribution to our endowment fund for long-term maintenance and management with The Community Foundation of the Endless Mountains. Donations can be sent to The Rail-Trail Council fund at the Community Foundation of the Endless Mountains, 270 Lake Avenue, Montrose, PA 18801. For more information visit www.community-foundation.org.

How you can help
  1. Join the Rail-Trail Council of Northeastern Pennsylvania. Your support is necessary! Don't let this unique opportunity fade away. Your membership helps to fund acquisition, engineering, and management studies.
  2. Inform friends and neighbors of the Rail-Trail Council.
  3. Contribute your time and/or money. As an all-volunteer organization, assistance is always needed.
  4. If you belong to an organization, arrange for a Rail-Trail speaker.
  5. Become a "Trail Tender" - for patrolling and maintaining the Trail.
Click on the image below to download the Rail-Trail Council Gift Certificate
RTC NEPA Gift Certificate
Members receive a quarterly newsletter containing: progress reports on acquisition of the trails, a calendar of events (such as organized walks, bike rides, clean-ups on the trail, benefit dinners), and a schedule of monthly meetings at area restaurants, and satisfaction that their support is helping to make the trails a reality
Annual Dues
- $500
- $250
- $100
- $35
- $20
- $15
Please make checks payable to:
Rail Trail Council of Northeast PA
P.O. Box 32
Union Dale, PA 18470
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Use PayPal to Donate to Rail Trails:
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RTC NEPA Membership Form