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D&H and O&W Map

The D&H Rail-Trail
The 38 mile D&H Rail-Trail (shown in RED on the map) runs from the Simpson Viaduct at Route 171 north through Lanesboro to the New York State border, generally following the eastern border of Susquehanna County. Towns include Simpson, Vandling, Forest City, Union Dale, Herrick Center, Burnwood, Ararat, Thompson, Starrucca, Stevens Point, and Lanesboro.

Mile 1 and 2 of the D&H are closed till improvements can be made. Use the parallel O&W Rail-Trail for 2 miles, till the "Crossover" to the D&H.

A detailed trail guide is available for download here or purchase the trip-tic version at the Rail-Trails office.


A tree trail has been completed in the area of the Forest City Trailhead and north on the trail. Trees planted include 42 bareroot, 28 balled & burlaped and 28 shrubs. The tree-planting project was made possible by a grant from the Northeast Pennsylvania Urban and Community Forestry program. The Lackawanna Sewer Basin Authority assisted with providing matching funds for trees, as many trees along the trail were removed with the installation of a new sewerline.

The project began with a memorial oaks planting honoring our fallen servicemen from the area. The oaks are planted along Commerce Boulevard leading into the Greater Forest City Industrial Park and the D&H trailhead. Volunteers from the Hubbard Bicycle Group and local rail-trail members assisted with the planting and also gave donations. Much assistance was received from the Mountain View Garden Club, and special thanks go to Bob Breuche who made the wooden posts, attaching the tree ID tags.

Trees are labeled with their common and scientific name on wooden posts in the ground. Labels can be seen on 51 different species of trees (existing and newly planted), and a few shrubs. Even the only patch of poison ivy found is labeled.

Teachers are encouraged to bring their students to the trail for an educational walk.

An additional 12 trees have only numbers, so that tree enthusiasts can identify the trees, then check the list below for confirmation of their ID.

Tree Trail Key:
1. London Planetree (sycamore), Platanus acer
2. Sugar Maple, Acer saccharum
3. Swamp White Oak, Quercus bicolor
4. American Linden (basswood), Tilia americana
5. Mountain Holly, Ilex montana
6. Gray Birch, Betula populifolia
7. White Pine, Pinus strobus
8. Scotch Pine, Pinus sylvestris
9. Red Maple, Acer rubrum
10. Pin Oak, Quercus palustris
11. Quaking Aspen, Populus tremuloides
12. River Birch, Betula nigra

Purchase the Rail-Trails Tree Trail Map at the RTC Office, or click here to download
The Tree Trail Map was funded with assistance from The Overlook Foundation
The Endless Mountains Rail-Trail Map

The O&W Rail-Trail
The O&W Rail-Trail (shown in BROWN on the map above) also begins in Simpson and runs parallel to the D&H for eight miles, with the Lackawanna River often running in between the two trails. The O&W passes through Simpson, Vandling, Browndale, Union Dale, Herrick Center, Orson and continues east to Hancock, NY and the Delaware River.

Using both rail-trails, various loop trips are possible. Linkage to hiking trails and Panther's Bluff, a 1500 acre conservation area is possible from the O&W trail.

The O&W is original railbed surface, graded, but rough in areas.

The Endless Mountains Rail-Trail
The 10 mile Endless Mountains Trail (shown in BLUE on the map at right) runs from Alford to Montrose. It is considered one of the first rail-trails in the nation. The Rail-Trail Council is attempting to save and restore it.


ATV'S, dirt bikes or motorcycles are not allowed on the trails.

The 10 miles of the D&H from Forest City to Herrick is in the best condition for running, hiking, and biking. Unimproved trail sections require a fat-tire bike, since the surface is original cinder and ballast. Equestrian users prefer sections of the D&H north of Union Dale, as well as the O&W.

The Northeast PA SnoTrails, a PA State Snowmobile Association member, grooms the trail system in winter, opens additional linking trails, and regulates snowmobilers.

A trail pass and insurance is necessary for snowmobiling. Courtesy and safety rules must be followed. To find out where to get your trail pass applications and trail maps, check for snow conditions and route closures, and learn more about area snowmobiling, visit www.nepsnotrails.snowclubs.com.